Every Friday in our Central Square studio, we hold a noon session of Five Dollar Fridays, the weekly community class where different yoga teachers from around the city sign up to be part of The Breathing Room for just an hour, and students pay whatever they want, but at least five dollars.

For students who can’t make it at noon, we’ve also started offering a Friday Flash Sale for some of our other classes and healing arts. This is a one-day “flash sale” for a different class or workshop or healing arts session each week.

On Friday, June 16 only:

  • Today only, you can pre-purchase a spot in our new Wednesday session of Pre-Natal Yoga with Bronwyn for just $5. This noon-time class is designed to help mothers cultivate strength to help adapt to a changing pregnant body, as well as a steady mind that can help in birth and through those early days after birth. Click here to reserve your spot for $5. (Note: Caitlin and Chavi’s pre-natal yoga classes, while also wonderful, are not included in today’s sale.)
  • Today only, you can pre-purchase a spot in Jen’s special extra session of Mindful Slow Flow next Thursday evening at 7 pm for just $5. This grounding practice gives you the space to creatively explore your breath and body connection within each pose, balancing stability and release to create a challenging and joyful class for all levels of practice. Click here to reserve your spot for $5.
  • Meanwhile, there are just a few spaces left for Caitlin’s next Self Love Workshop, happening Saturday, June 24. This monthly two-hour workshop is a gentle, restorative asana practice with guided meditation, reiki, and deep trigger point release techniques (with tennis balls and other props) to allow you to release, melt, and feel good. Click here to reserve your spot for $35.
  • And registration is also now open for Krista’s next Deep Release Workshop, happening Saturday, July 1. This evening workshop after Krista’s Power Flow class will use purposeful touch, tennis ball massage, stretching and strengthening, and a restorative slow flow to bring balance and ease to the muscles of your head and neck, shoulder girdle, and upper back. Click here to reserve your spot for $35.

Important note: Each Friday Flash Sale purchase will be valid for just one specific class or workshop on one specific date or set of dates. No refunds, reschedules, renegotiations or re-anything-elses, ok? We’re talking about as little as $5 per class here, so please help us keep these prices this low. 🙂

Our Central Square studio is at 763 Massachusetts Avenue, just a couple blocks from the Central Square T stop as you walk toward City Hall, the Post Office, and Harvard. Our entrance is the big pair of double doors just to the right of the Life Alive restaurant. Buzz 7 on the intercom (to the left of the doors) to ring up for entry. We’re on the second floor.

We start opening our doors ten minutes before class so that you can get in a little early if you need to change, use the bathrooms, etc. before class. (But please don’t buzz more than 10 minutes early, or you might interrupt the last few minutes of someone else’s class.)

If it’s your first time at the studio, you should know that we already have mats for you (for free), so there’s no need to bring one of your own. Just show up in comfy clothes, and you’ll be good to go. (A water bottle is also a good idea.)

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