Candlelight Vinyasa

Sara Valverde
Mondays, 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm
Harvard Square
  • $15
  • Also included in The Breathing Room’s weekly pass, monthly pass, and class packs
  • Hold Space:
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    Evening Yoga in Harvard Square - Candlelight Yoga with Sara Valverde

    Move through a vinyasa flow with soft lighting, supportive props, and chill music. Sara guides you through movement that may make you break a sweat, but will also encourage you to let go of unnecessary stiffness and tension. Leave feeling warm, re-aligned, and centered.

    Appropriate for beginners through those with an established practice.

    To ensure a spot, you can make an online reservation now.

    Our Harvard Square studio is at 12 Arrow Street #104. The entrance is roughly across the street from Berryline, between the sweetness of Follow The Honey and Harvard’s Adams House dorm. Look for the “LASPAU” sign above the entrance. We’re down the long hallway straight ahead. Look for the door with lots of yoga pamphlets on it.

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