Welcome to The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room is a healing arts studio in the heart of Central Square, just upstairs from Life Alive and the 1369 Coffeehouse. We offer massage and bodywork services and reiki healing, and also host a variety of yoga and movement classes.

Healing services at The Breathing Room blend techniques from around the world, ranging from modern orthopedic, myofascial and sports massage techniques to ancient forms from Thai or ayurvedic traditions, with elements of craniosacral therapy, zero balancing, reiki, shiatsu, reflexology, or Cherokee bodywork influencing each massage depending on your specific needs.

Classes in our “yoga room” are usually just nine students or less, so you can have the intimacy of a small community and the attention of a dedicated teacher. The teachers here are actually renting the room to teach their own yoga, so they tend to teach differently here than they teach anywhere else. And in contrast to larger studios that focus on just one style of yoga, teachers here might be sharing anything from gentle kripalu or restorative yoga to athletic vinyasa to more spiritually focused kundalini yoga or rare forms like kalaripayattu. Sometimes classes here are more experimental, and sometimes they’re more back-to-basics. But either way, both experienced practitioners and complete newcomers are welcome.

We already have mats for you, and blankets and bolsters and all sorts of blocks and other props. You can just come here, kick off your shoes, and practice.

Here’s how people describe us on Yelp:

“The Breathing Room is exactly that.  A space that encourages you to truly breathe. 

You first walk in and take off your shoes to experience the Texture Garden of rugs, and if that isn’t enough to give you pause, the staff, instructors, and massage therapists consistently create a fabulously grounded, peaceful vibe.

The size of the main yoga room is smaller than many studios, which means you always get a smaller class size (and the space is affordable for teachers who are just starting out).  The yoga room has a full array of yoga props, including these aMAzing lavender eye pillows for your closing savasana.”

“The Breathing Room has that warm and fuzzy feeling once you walk in – literally!  You are greeted by the warm and fuzzy Justin, the owner, and also massage therapist, whose massages make you feel like you have been nuzzled in bear paws.  Also, check out their yoga classes – they are eclectic in variety and intimate in setting.  Love love love The Breathing Room!”

“Walking into the Breathing Room makes you feel like you are walking into your home.  There are fluffy carpets all over, and beautiful photographs of yogis in action.  Justin is warm, outgoing, and overall wonderful.  I can honestly say that I have never experienced such an amazing massage in my life – and  I am VERY picky.”

“Having two parents who are 25+ year veterans of the massage therapy/structural bodywork field, I tend to be a very tough critic, so keep that in mind when I say that this massage was amazing — by far the best I’ve experienced in Boston.

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