Contact Us

As a general rule, it’s easiest to reach our massage therapists or teachers by e-mail. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

But to answer a few common questions up front, you should know that:

  • yes, our yoga room is already stocked with mats and they’re free for you to use,
  • we don’t have showers, heated classes, or parking,
  • all of our massage openings are updated in real time online, and you can just click to book,
  • we don’t currently offer gift certificates, class packs or memberships, and
  • almost every class at the studio is either $12 or $15, depending on whether you pay at the door or pre-pay online. Just click on a class name in the list of upcoming classes to the right, or on the weekly calendar page to get more info and sign up.

Please also bear in mind that, because teachers here are actually renting the space, they’re all designing their own classes and setting their own prices, so it’s often best to interact with the teachers directly if you have any questions about their particular classes like “is there a student discount?”. If you use the form below to ask about a particular class, we’ll forward your question along to the teacher in question.

You can also e-mail us at, if that’s easier for you.

Mailing Address

If you need to send us something physical — especially chocolate — our mailing address is The Breathing Room, 763 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Phone Logistics

If you need to reach us by phone, please understand that we’re not built like other studios. We’re a tiny space, and we’re intentionally designed to operate as leanly as possible — often at a loss — so that every penny you spend on classes with us can actually go to the teachers here instead of some corporate owner.

That means there’s no paid receptionist manning the phones because, well, there’s no way for us to pay them without charging you prices that we don’t want to charge. And chances are, whoever hears the phone ring will actually be in the process of giving a massage or teaching a yoga class, so they won’t be able to pick up the phone at all. (We’ve also configured the phone system to ring the studio owner at home while he’s watching Game of Thrones, so we apologize if the person who answers the phone is a little grumpy. In person, he’s usually very friendly.)

If you absolutely, positively, desperately need to reach us by phone, our number is 617-575-YOGI. But it will usually be better to text us instead of calling. That way, we’ll be able to reply by text or call you as soon as we’re free, without having to spend time trying to listen to a voicemail and write down your contact information between massage appointments. If it’s something urgent that needs to be resolved with a phone conversation, you can also call that number, but please leave a voicemail so that we know why you called. If you just keep calling over and over again to try to reach somebody, you might be interrupting massage or classes in progress, and if that gets too disruptive we’ll have to block your phone number from reaching anything but an answering machine — which is kind of cool technologically, but a bit cold personally. So, please just text us, or leave a message, ok?

Or use that handy contact form way back at the top of this page.

Either way, we do look forward to hearing from you.

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