Massage Gift Certificates

The Breathing Room loves youIt means the world to us that you want to share us with a friend.

That said, we actually don’t offer just massage gift certificates anymore. We’ve been finding that it’s much easier for everybody involved if we offer gift certificates that can be used for everything at the studio, instead of limiting them to specific services that might have changed a year from now. But we’ve set up our order form below so that you can tell which amounts make the most sense today for the massage packages you think your loved one will be most interested in.

After you’ve made your purchase, we’ll e-mail you a customized PDF to share with your friend within three business days. To help us do that, please fill in the info below to let us know who you’re sharing us with, and whether there’s any message you’d like us to put on their gift certificate for you.

We ask (but don’t insist) that your friend use their gift certificate in full within 180 days.

Customize Your Gift Certificate

*All sales are subject to our Shopping Policies

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