The Student Discount

Students, ease out those laptop knots with a Student Discount hour of massage, reiki, or thai passive yoga for just $69.

To schedule your Student Discount session right now, click here for massage, here for reiki, or here for Thai.

All healing arts sessions happen in our Central Square location at 763 Mass Ave, right next door to Life Alive.

Fine print: Please bring a valid student ID from an accredited college or university to lock in your discount. Not valid with any other discounts.

Also, please understand that the student discount for massage is intended for students who are actively pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees. It exists because the massage team feels so strongly about making massage affordable to this community that we’re willing to take a steep, personal pay cut to make sure that happens. And the studio cuts its own share of the proceeds roughly in half to support that mission.

So, if you’re just “sort of” a student, or it’s not totally unambiguous that you’re a student like the community we’ve just described — like you’re taking a credit here or there from a local adult education center or an extension school or some online company, or you’re a student-like professional like a postdoc or resident, or you’re “working full-time as a student of life” — please don’t be offended if we refuse to extend the discount to you as well. We still care about you, but there are only so many communities that we can personally afford to provide such a steep discount for. We hope you’ll understand.

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