Class Packs

The Breathing Room does not currently offer any studio-wide yoga packages.

But that’s actually a good thing.

Recently, we realized that, instead of charging $70 to $85 for a five-class pack like most other studios, and building a whole infrastructure around keeping track of which classes you’ve taken with it and whether it’s expired, it would be a whole lot easier — and probably cheaper — to just say “This class is $15 (or less!) if you just pay for it a la carte.” So, right now, almost every class here is $15 or less, which works out to around the same amount that you’d be paying for class packs at most other studios (or even less). And we don’t charge for mats or water.

And we’re gradually moving our yoga classes over to new software that will let our teachers charge even less, by saying things like “This class is $15 if you pay at the door, but just $12 if you prepay online.”

So, if $15 is beyond your budget, here are our deeper discounts so far:

Pre-pay and your class is just $12!

If $12’s outside your budget, pay $10!

If $10’s outside your budget, try $5!

  • Monday and Friday’s Community Yoga with Kimberly is taught by donation. The suggested donation if $10 to $15, but if $5 is all you can afford, then $5 is welcome, and so are you.

This list is going to keep growing over the next few weeks, and then we’re going to tinker with the software to allow for specials like flash sales for a given class or first-time specials (like being able to take a particular class for $5 for the first time, even if you’ve been coming to the studio for years). And if there any particular discounts or pricing models that would be especially helpful for your budget, let your favorite teacher know, and we’ll try to figure out how to make that happen. A few teachers may even start using their own software to get things just right for their own particular class model, instead of just sticking to what the studio’s software can come up with.

But, that said, please be patient as we build this out, and bear in mind that, as a “micro-studio” or “yoga incubator,” we actually need to build all of this from scratch. To put it in perspective, almost every yoga studio in the country uses MindBody to handle their scheduling and class packs, and that’s because most studios have a pretty narrow set of class titles and pricing options, usually offered by teachers who have done all their trainings in-house. But with us, The Breathing Room was originally just a massage studio, and we rented out our “yoga room” like an airbnb for yoga teachers, who were often coming from trainings out of town so they couldn’t break into the larger studios that do all their hiring from within. Teachers paid a flat rent each month to basically use the studio as if they owned it for an hour a week. They designed their own classes, set their own prices, and took payments directly from their students. That’s really why classes here have such a different feel from anywhere else. (Well, that and a secret supply of ice cream that the massage team shares with the teachers from time to time.)

When we finally tried to offer a studio-wide class pack to take some of the logistical burden off the teachers, our airbnb-style model had created so much variety that we broke MindBody — the industry standard — in three days. As MindBody’s technicians wondered how we had actually broken their database, we became a sort of case study for the other major players in scheduling software. Schedulicity, who we use for our massage scheduling, actually flew their VP of Product Development to Boston to spend a week watching how yoga teachers checked in their students, and even now, a few years later, they still can’t handle class packs with enough nuance to support all our teachers’ variety. Acuity, who we’re migrating our yoga scheduling to, has spent four years trading e-mails with us about it, and they still can’t quite get us there either. So, for many years, we just cobbled together everybody’s class packs with a mix of Google spreadsheets and human error, and that’s really hard to sustain at a studio where classes are usually ten students or less, teachers are their own front desk, and all the clerical work is happening during a massage therapist’s downtime between sessions.

And then we realized that, instead of spending years trying to fit class discounts into the same box as everybody else, the teachers could have just opened a window and thrown the box out. So, that’s what’s happening right now. With rare exceptions, almost every class offered at this studio costs less on its own than it would through a class pack anywhere else. And we’re overhauling our scheduling software from the inside out to make them cost even less, and make it even easier for classes to start on time. This is a massive undertaking by a tiny studio, and there will be all sorts of bugs and mishaps along the way. But we hope that, even if it’s a nuisance to pay one class at a time, you can appreciate how much work goes into making that possible at all, and how remarkable it is that teachers who have spent so many thousands of dollars on their own trainings are trying to make their classes as affordable as possible for you.

We thank you for inspiring this effort.

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