IGNITE: A Teacher’s Immersion

Cat Kabira
Saturday, March 11, 2017
12:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Harvard Square
  • $35 for 12:30 pm Core Flow Intensive
  • $45 for 3 pm Teacher’s Excavation and Delight
  • $35 for 6 pm Biodynamic Yin
  • $99 for all three events
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    Cat Kabira Workshop - Cat Kabira Yoga in Harvard Square


    Want some refreshment? A class that supports you in coming home to yourself? A place to play and get inspired with some new ways to move and connect? Some subtle energetic transformation and juicy rewiring?

    Then join Cat Kabira for seven hours of afternoon and early evening magic (so you still have time to teach your own morning classes and can play in the evening later on):

    • 12:30 pm to 2:45 pm – Core Flow Intensive: Meditation, Breathwork and Creative Core Flow Practice
      This 2-hour plus intensive combines asana, breath work and meditation that will bring you right back into your center. Refreshing sequences designed to transform and shed what no longer serves you with some sweet deep spaces to drop right inside. Cat’s forte is her ability to see and feel energy and uniquely meet each individual in the group. She’s also skilled with rewiring body mechanics and you will discover new empowering patterns to feel and move in your body. You will be met on a physical, mental, emotional and soul level with a lot of joy and care. A mini-retreat to give you new clarity, ground, and vision.
    • 3 pm to 5:45 pm – Teacher’s Excavation and Delight: Sequencing, The Subtle Body, Transformation, The Art of Seeing
      Cat introduces the art of presence and seeing and how as teachers we can use our teaching to a much deeper level of transformation. Cat’s passion is working with the “invisible” and loves to empower others to hone their unique sensitivity skills to begin to see and feel for themselves the truth. This is an introduction to a deeper body of work that Cat shares intensively and worldwide.
    • 6 pm to 7:30 pm – Biodynamic Yin
      We finish our evening with Cat’s signature biodynamic yin – a subtle energetic and restorative practice based on the sensations of the body. Cat empowers you to see and feel for yourself what’s true in your body. This is your space to come home, clear out, and call in your power, your vision, your birthright. As Cat’s students say, “Transformation and life-changing isn’t just a tagline with Cat. She’s the real deal.”

    Cat works with the subtle energetics of the body which will give you an opportunity to discover and release your system in a much deeper way. A perfect space for deep healing on a physical, emotional, energetic and psychological level. Leave lit, centered, lighter, and grounded, and inspired and empowered to share the same experience with your own students.

    Space is limited, so purchase your spot now.

    *Participants can submit the hours from this training towards continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance.

    Cat Kabira, a teacher and trainer in yoga and the subtle and shamanic energetic arts, has been globally exploring and sharing her passion for nearly 20 years.

    As her students say: “Cat is one of a kind: playful, energetic, intuitive, captivating, fully present, devoted. Something in Cat cracks your soul open, asks your inner-self to go deeper within and then lets your magic happen. When Cat crosses your path in life it is a transformative gift to be savored.

    Our Harvard Square studio is at 12 Arrow Street. The entrance is roughly across the street from Berryline, a few yards down from Oberon and Follow The Honey as you walk toward Harvard’s Adams House dorm. Look for the “LASPAU” sign above the entrance. If the door is locked when you arrive (and you’re not more than 10 minutes early), dial 05 on the callbox outside the building for entry. Once you’ve made it inside, we’re down the long hallway straight ahead. Look for the door with lots of yoga pamphlets on it.

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