The Breathing Room is honored to hold space for a variety of yoga and movement classes and workshops, from vinyasa to pranakriya to kripalu to yogas for runners or dancers or poets.

You can check our upcoming classes in the “upcoming classes” sidebar on the right side of this web page, or register for upcoming classes here.

Whatever the class, here’s what you can expect . . .

Our yoga room is going to feel very different from most studios you might experience. We see this place as a second home, and hope you’ll feel that way as well.

We already have mats for you, and blankets and bolsters and all sorts of blocks and other props. You can just come here, kick off your shoes, and practice.

It’s a small room, so classes here are personal. Think eight or nine students max, instead of sixty. So, most teachers will be able to give you a lot of personal attention. This means that beginners are welcome in pretty much every class — and that more experienced practitioners get to really dive in to their practice.

Classes are personal for the teachers here, too. Teachers are actually renting the room to teach their own yoga, so they tend to teach differently here than they teach anywhere else. Sometimes classes here are more experimental, and sometimes they’re more back-to-basics. Some classes are only here for a few weeks, while a teacher is in town, and then we’ll wait for months until they get back from India to teach us some more.

Whatever the class, we’re really excited to share it with you.

Note: Because teachers here are actually renting the space, they’re also their own front desk, and individual teachers can have very different class styles and policies than the other teachers. So, it’s best to interact with the teachers directly if you have any questions about their particular classes.

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